Saturday, July 16, 2011

pemergianmu 1 kehilangan :'(

16 july 2011..pemergianmu sungguh mengejutkan..terlalu cpat rsenye kau pergi menyahut seruan apekn dya..segalanya sudah tersurat.. 
smoga rohnya dcucuri rhmat dan dtempatkn dkalangan org2 yg beriman.....

i know you still can hear me, i want to say that i love u friend, our friendship will never stop even you already gone, your smile will be the best memories for me, a friend that can make me smile when i stress, a friend who will be the first asking for my result at school time, a friend that i can share my... problem, gossip, and many more, i still remember that we did the craziest thing,but now that the most valuable memories for me of you, my heart will cry forever because i lost a friend like you too soon, may God bless you, i'll never stop praying for you my friend   -in memories, Firdaus Saidin-

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